IoT Testing Services

Traboda offers a range of IoT security services to help identify and mitigate risk and vulnerabilities across your IoT ecosystem. Our experienced consultants can help you create a secure IoT product or solution.

Threat modeling
In order to assist you concentrate on the access points that matter, Traboda has a thorough understanding of the complexities of IoT and connected systems. Traboda can assess the highest risk systems and communications. Our team will work directly with you to create thorough threat models of your entire system that can change over the lifecycle of your entire product, assisting you in identifying and resolving the most important problems and giving evidence of the security posture of your offering.
Device design consulting
A significant project's initial steps are frequently spent on hardware design, which can identify your strengths and flaws. To prevent hardware problems from turning into the weak point of your software security architecture, Traboda offers one-on-one advising with our security experts during the design phase.
IoT penetration testing
Our penetration testing goes beyond simple analysis to take into account the entire IoT ecosystem, analysing each element and how it affects the ecosystem's overall security. The mobile IoT application, cloud APIs, communication and protocol testing, embedded hardware and firmware testing, and more are all included in Traboda's testing.
Hardware testing
In order to estimate the depth and breadth of the device's physical attack surface, Traboda will look at the internal architecture and physical security of the object. Component identification, firmware extraction, test point identification, and hardware reconfiguration are all possible parts of our service that could pose a serious risk to your business and its clients by bypassing authentication, intercepting traffic, and/or injecting commands.
Protocol testing
Traboda will test data transmissions to and from the device, as well as the cryptographic security of encrypted transmissions, the capacity to record and alter data transmissions, and the fuzzing of the communication protocols. We will evaluate the communication protocols' security and ascertain the risk to your business and its clientele.
Firmware Analysis
Traboda extracts and examines the contents of the firmware to try to find the backdoor accounts, input errors, buffer overflows, format strings and other vulnerabilities. Us too evaluate the device's firmware update process for vulnerabilities and perform a secure boot Review the process to ensure the security of public key encryption and update operations.
Incident Response
After an attack, extracting information from anything other than device logs may not be trivial mission Traboda's hardware teams can help get information directly from the product. This the service focuses mainly on criminal cases and law enforcement; often IoT devices have tracking and logging features are not publicly available. Our event tracking team can determine what information is available for research