We inspire, nurture & upskill human force to secure cyberspace for everyone.

We're Traboda.
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What We Do?

Traboda is a cybersecurity edtech startup providing innovative & scalable solutions for tackling two of the greatest threats in the cybersecurity industry -

Problem #1
Skill Gapin the existing workforce

Upskilling Workforce

We upskill today’s industry workforce through training them secure coding practices & establishing cyber security culture at their organizations, and thereby keeping them battle-ready for evolving threats.

Problem #2
Talent Shortageand growing demand

Nurturing Talents

Through our immersive hands-on learning platform & gamified real-world scenario based cyberlabs we nurture & grow cyber-security talents for tomorrow, making cyber-security learning more accessible, personalized and attractive.

December 2020



Students & Professionals Trained


Team Members

Who Are We?

We share our DNA with team bi0s, a CTF & CyberSecurity Research team based out of Amrita University, India. For over 10 years since its inception, it has been consistently ranked India's No.1 CTF team and has produced hundreds of security engineers working today in all parts & brands of the world.

It is this over a decade experience in training & upskilling students right from their first bachelor year, participating in hundreds of CTFs, organizing dozens of workshops every year that we have learned and identified gaps in the cyber-security training landscape that Traboda tries to fill in.

It is our stories of experiences with trouble & success, alumni & organizational network, a highly skilled and passionate team that we are leveraging today to build our Cyber-Security EdTech platform.

Our Community Partners

Our Vision

Empower anyone with passion to self-establish their cyber-security career.

Attract & Prepare Young Minds to CyberSecurity Workforce


Make CyberSecurity Resources & Training More Accessible


Nurture Human Defenders for the Growing Threats of CyberSpace


Empower Organizations to Evaluate & Equip CyberSecurity Practices

Our Values


We believe in constantly innovating new solutions through creative problem solving and ingenuity.


We set ourselves a high bar of quality and results, and relentlessly pursue excellence in everything we do.

Customer Success

We measure our success by our customer's success, and work to deliver impactful results through our solutions.


We honor our commitments, treat everyone with respect, and strive to give maximum value in everything we offer.

Giving Back to Impact Our Communities

A reason why we founded Traboda is to make cybersecurity training more accessible especially at a young age and in unprivileged sections of the society. From our own experience running our community, we have found high-quality cybersecurity training and resources don't come cheap and are out of reach for many.

Our highly successful student communities - team bi0s, amFOSS, team Shakti, events - InCTF, InCTF Jr, ShaktiCon, workshops, training programs, scholarships, all were created with this vision. While we are able to do this at our scale for over a decade now, through Traboda we hope to scale this further both by providing the platform for other communities to emerge, and to fund our communities to scale further.

We give back all our profits, except those we reinvest, for developing the infrastructure & opportunities for our communities and to help in sponsoring their skill development.