About Traboda

We help organisations with their cyber security through products and services to assess, reduce and mitigate their cyber risks. And with an aim to address the ever-growing cyber challenges, we train and certify existing professionals in cyber-security and nurture young talents through our hands-on and immersive end-to-end cyber skill incubation platforms, so that they can enter the cyber workforce of today and tomorrow.

Who Are We?

December 2020



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Strong R&D Team

We share our DNA with team bi0s, a CTF & CyberSecurity Research team based out of Amrita University, India. For over 10 years since its inception, it has been consistently ranked India's No.1 CTF team and has produced hundreds of security engineers working today in all parts & brands of the world.

It is this over a decade experience in training & upskilling students right from their first bachelor year, participating in hundreds of CTFs, organizing dozens of workshops every year that we have learned and identified gaps in the cyber-security industry that Traboda tries to fill in.

It is our stories of experiences with trouble & success, alumni & industry connects, a highly skilled and passionate team that we are leveraging today to build our cyber-security startup.

Our Values



We believe in constantly innovating new solutions through creative problem solving and ingenuity.



We set ourselves a high bar of quality and results, and relentlessly pursue excellence in everything we do.

Customer Success

Customer Success

We measure our success by our customer's success, and work to deliver impactful results through our solutions.



We honor our commitments, treat everyone with respect, and strive to give maximum value in everything we offer.


Arrownex - Our MENA Partner

We are proud to be associated with Arrownex, a leading cybersecurity solutions provider in the MENA region. As our exclusive partner in the region, we are working together to provide a wide range of cybersecurity services and products to our clients in the GCC region under the brand name of Arrownex.

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