Corporate Trainings

Cyber-security threats are rising, and organizations must be prepared to defend against them. Security Trainings can help executives understand the techniques and methodologies used by attackers and make informed decisions about their organization's cyber-security posture. This training can also help organizations identify areas for improvement in their security solutions.

Training levels
Our training program includes three levels: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.
Basic level
In the Basic training, executives will learn about the fundamental concepts and techniques of the discipline.
Intermediate level
Intermediate training builds on the foundational knowledge provided in the Basic training. It offers a more in-depth understanding of discipline and pushes the trainee out of their comfort zone.
Advance level
The Advanced training is not for the faint hearted, we will bring in the most up to date cases and attacks to train the candidates for the most demanding challenges that they will face.
What we offer

Hardware Trainings

OT Trainings

VAPT Trainings.

Web Trainings

Mobile Security Trainings

Reverse Engineering Trainings

Malware Analysis Trainings