The gamified phishing simulation and training platform designed to help organizations prepare employees against phishing attacks.

Our platform provides a safe and controlled environment to simulate the latest phishing tactics and social engineering techniques cybercriminals use, allowing you to measure and benchmark the risk scores of your employees and organization.

What we offer
TankPhish's phishing simulations are designed to mimic real-world scenarios, updated with latest phishing campaigns to ensure that your employees are prepared against the latest threatstaken from real-world incidents to ensure that your employees are prepared against the latest threats
Our dashboards and reports provide you with a clear understanding of your organization's phishing risk, including performance metrics, trends, and vulnerabilities.

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Comprehensive Reporting

Why use TankPhish ?
Individuals and organizations must remain vigilant against phishing attacks and educate themselves about the latest tactics used by cybercriminals. Regular training and awareness programs can help prevent successful phishing attacks and protect sensitive information.
The consequences of a successful phishing attack can be devastating, including data breaches, financial loss, and reputational damage. That's why organizations must prepare their employees against these threats.