Capture The Flag (CTF) Contests

Practically Benchmark Cyber Skills,for recruiting vetted talents and training your team

Capture The Flag (CTF) competitions are proven, and popular pedagogy for learning and benchmarking cyber security skills. Through a game based approach, CTFs test and develop practical understanding of cyber security concepts, tools and techniques.

Organizing CTFs can help organizations to benchmark candidates to identify top talents for recruitment, or when training teams to stay ahead of emerging cyber threats.

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For Recruitment

Recruit Cyber Security Talents through Practical Hands-on Competitions

Test Candidates for Skills Relevant for Your Job Roles

CTFs are real-time multiplayer competitions that digs deep to check your candidate’s cyber security skills through carefully created, measurable challenges.

Assess Knowledge & Skills Practically

Recruiters can easily filter practically vetted candidates who are ready for the job from day one, assessing practically solved cyber security problems by them.

Get a Benchmark Score to Compare

Based on each candidate's performance (like, how many flags they get), the top prospects who can satisfy your company's cyber security needs are displayed on a scoreboard.

For Training

Offensive Cyber Security Training For Your Developers & DevSecOps Engineers

Engaging Way To Teach & Practice Cyber Security

CTFs can provide a fun and competitive environment where developers can learn and practice security concepts, raise awareness of security issues, and foster a culture of collaboration and innovation.

Keep Your Employees up to date with Hackers

CTFs make your team members to think like hackers, and understand about latest vulnerabilities, which help them not just to keep their skills updated but also stay ahead of hackers when they are at work.

Benchmark Cyber Skills,
Stay Ahead of Hackers