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Learn by Tinkering Hands-On

Let go of theoritical learning and MCQs, embrace effective, hands-on learning, tinker with our lab modules & challenges, and put your skills to practice.


Learn at your pace, in an adaptive track tailor-made just for you

Take lessons & practice challenges at your convinience, and learn at your pace. Start by picking your favorites or choosing a learning track, and we will constanlty learn and adapt the track and recommendations for you evaluating your skill and interest levels.


Experience Gamified Security Training

Our platform features multiple game formats for learning cyber-secuirity, from simple jeopardy-style capture the flag contests, to exciting Attack-Defense battleships, and King of the Hill. You can practice solo, play with your team, or decide to take battle with the world!

Traboda features multiple types of leaderboards - global leaderboard, category leaderboards, weekly leaderboards & regional leaderboads, so that you can know and show where you exactly stand.

As you use the platform, we reward you with points, titles, and badges to showcase your achievements. We unlock more content and opponents as you level up, so that you never feel Over-Powered.


Diverse & Finest Range of Hacking Content

With support for multiple game formats from Jeopardy and Attack-Defense to King of the Hill and Pwny Race, and an ever-growing content library from over 7 cyber-secuirty categories, created by panel of experts and contributors from the community, explore & tinker with the finest & the widest range of hacking content and take your hacking experience to the next level.

Learning is Fun Together,
Bring & Grow With Your Team

Participate in CTFs

Participate in monthly CTFs, weekly MiniCTFs organized by us, or in public CTFs organized by teams like yours, everything on a single state-of-the-art CTF platform. Your CTF performance, achievements are linked with your profile. In case you missed a CTF, you can always play any archived CTF on Traboda, and attempt the challenges even months and years after the CTF.


Host a CTF

Host an internal CTF or your flagship CTF on Traboda. Focus on what really matters, and forget about deployment, infrastructure & scaling, with our managed CTF engine. Bring your challenges, or pick from our large library of challenges, and take your CTF live within minutes!


Showcase Your Achievements

Showcase your CTF performance and results, your rankings, Badges, Titles you have unlocked, on your team's public profile.


Recruit & Train Your Team

Recruit your team organizing contests or giving them assignments and tracking their progress. Train your team using the Traboda Academy, and our vast library of challenges, or perhaps, host internal CTFs and PWNY races, and evaluate your team's skill and train them, all in Traboda.


400+ Challenges


CTF Archive

Web Pwn Cryptography
Reversing Android
Forensic Stegno

7+ Categories


Personal On-demand Instances. Spawn Anytime.


Personalized Learning Journeys


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Gamified Learning

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