Cure Your Cyber Risks
Right At Their Origin.

Vulnerabilities that hackers exploit to attack your business or breach your data originate from human errors and poor security practices at your workplace. While scanners might be able to detect some of them, and firewalls might help to defend against exploits to an extent, without vaccinating your team by training secure coding practices & establishing a proactive security culture, new variations of threats shall keep reappearing risking a loss of business, along with wasted time and costs when fixing them reactively.

Humans in your team are your best assets but yet the weakest link in the cyber-security of your business, train and keep them battle-ready with Traboda.

Supercharge Your CyberSecurity Culture

Start Upskilling Your Team

Make Your Team Attack Ready, Reduce Vulnerabilities & Shrink Attack Surface

Our Solutions

Organize Workshops & Training for Your Team

Embed security into your team's DNA, and make security an intrinsic part of their thinking, with our 100% hands-on training programmes conducted by our certified expert trainers that introduce, nurture and grow secure coding skills for your team.

Conduct Security & Penetration Testing

Get your applications and network systems penetration tested by us, patch the loose-ends and eliminate vulnerabilities and secure your organization from data breaches & cyber-attacks.

Get Tailor-Made Challenges for Your CTF

Want to get excellent challenges for your CTF? Look no further than our CTF Team, team bi0s! We can design challenges in over 7 CTF categories, with themes & integrations you want to have!

Effortlessly Host Your CTF With Us

Organize internal CTFs for your Team or at your conferences effortlessly with our help - from designing highly engaging challenges, deploying a powerful game engine, to evaluating your performance & progress through our rich analytics dashboard.

CyberSecurity Consultation Services

Are you an early-stage startup, a small-business, or a non-tech enterprise ? We can provide you fully-managed cyber-security solutions according to your business risks, and protect your organization's growth from emerging cyber-threats, all without the hassle & costs of hiring & managing a dedicated security team.

Find & Hire the Right Talents for Your Security Team

Identify and hire the best talents for your team, using our hiring platform go beyond resumes and put the security skills of the candidate to test, reduce time to hire while maintaining a consistent hiring rubric, helping your team to scale without compromising quality.

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Why Us?

Our Solutions are Trusted & Loved by Industry's Top Companies

We have been training teams & students from scratch for over a decade now

Our proven pedagogy and indigenous curriculum have worked for 1432+ students and teams.

Team bi0s, our college club, is
India's No.1 Ranked CTF Team.

InCTF Internationals are amongst
the Highest Rated CTFs Globally.

Proactively Eliminate the Cause of Vulnerabilities

Proactively Eliminate the Cause of Vulnerabilities

Eliminate cost, time & risks involved instead when fixing them reactively by investing in your human force, which reduces vulnerabilities and thus also the attack surface for hackers.

We Focus On Practice & Application of Skills that are Relevant to You

We Focus On Practice & Application of Skills that are Relevant to You

Rather than traditional lectures, training videos or textbooks, our training focused on hands-on practice & application of skills embeds the learning in a long-term "usable" manner.

Invest in Long-term Sustained Security Culture

Invest in Long-term Sustained Security Culture

A security scanner or firewall may detect & defend for some time, but by investing in your team's skills and reducing the vulnerabilities they can be your biggest assets & means of defense

Solutions & Services Tailor-made for Delivering Results for You

Solutions & Services Tailor-made for Delivering Results for You

Our experts sit with you to understand your business risks, and through intelligent telemetry on our platform we are able to provide customized training curriculum & personalized learning experiences.

Few Notable Works

Attack-Defense CTF Platform & Challenges for Cisco APJC SecCon 2019
Organize CTF for BSides Delhi CyberSecurity Conference 2019

Our Trainees & Student Alumni Work At

Wide Range & Variety of Quality Content

App Security
Cloud Security
Network Security
IoT & Hardware Security

Our Curicullum is designed to outperform cybersecurity complaince requirements


Start Proactively Securing Your Workforce Today.

Do not wait for vulnerabilities to be detected. Save yourself from the cost, time & risks involved when responding & fixing them reactively.