Organize Capture The Flag Contests

With our platform, you can easily create and run your capture the flag (CTF) contests, to bring some fun or competition into your training or team building. CTFs are an engaging way to practice & learn cyber-security & problem solving skills, and a highly popular & successful method to grow cyber-security skills. Our CTF engine is fully customize, and you can choose from our 400+ challenges or bring your own challenges.

Our CTF Engine

Explore how you can utilize and benefit from Traboda

Cyber security skills are in great demand, and our immersive self-paced learning platform can help you grow your cyber skills and self-establish your cyber-security career, through our gamified hands-on learning modules & labs.

For Students / Professionals

Start offering cyber-courses, without needing dedicated faculty or prepation of course materials. Leverage our advanced learning platform & lab modules, prepared by our experts and teach to your students up-to-date cyber-skills.

For Academia

Proactively reduce your cyber risks by training your team & developers secure coding practices relevant to your business risks and their job roles through our hands-on application of realistic scenarios in our cyberlabs. Start nurturing a sustained security culture.

For Industry