Valuate Your Cyber Risks &
Calcuate Your ROSI

While your company is unlikely to face each of these losses, the possibility still exists. Use this simple calculator, and change the assumptions made here to get a sense of the value of preventing cyber-security incidents.

Total Costs of An Incident (SLE)
$ 13.25M


Ransomware are one of the most common cyber-attack these days, and the hackers can encrypt all data of your systems and ask for ransom for decrypting it, or otherwise threaten to leak your sensitive data and permenant erasure of data.

Reference Stats
  • Avg. Ransom Paid / Incident = 170,404 USD


As breaches leak personally identifiable information (PII), regulators often impose fines on the companies. For this example, let's calculate just a GDPR fine for a data breach. While the fine depends on many factors which you cancheck here.

Reference Stats
  • Avg. GDPR Fine Paid / Incident in 2020 = 600,520 USD
  • Max Fine / Incident = Higher of 20M EUR or 4% of Company Revenue

Downtime Impact

In a situation, lost productivity can come in place if your company business involves physical products or if the attack blocks your workforce from their daily tasks. The cost due to downtime can be calculating at the inventory/work that was not made as result, and the cost of starting back up.

Reference Stats
  • Avg. Cost of Downtime / hr = 260k USD
  • Avg. Hours of Disruption / incident = 48H

Loss of Repuation

Suffering a breach or hack can tarnish the reputation of a company. This can have impact the willingness of users, clients from using your product, and also of other companies to work with you.

IP Theft

What if you lose your trade secret? Secret formulas, methods of production and other intellectual property are important but through cyber-attacks & data breaches can be lost to competitors or nation-state actors.